SALSA Level 1 classes begin SUNDAY, June 9th at 1:00pm. Purchase a four-class series for $45. Or pay $13 for a single class. Our classes meet at The Starkweather Club, 72 N. Bryan Street, Madison WI 53714. 

You can purchase classes using a credit or debit card at the bottom of this page. You can also pay onsite just before your class. Please remember, we only accept cash and checks on site.  

**We welcome couples but you don’t need a partner to attend our classes. A couple is any two adults regardless of relationship.**


Check out our Father’s Day Special! If you are a dad, you get one free class this session. Take the four-class session for $33 (normally $45). Or just take the first class of the session free of charge and pay the normal drop in rate for the remaining three. The father’s Day Special is only redeemable in person. Please don’t register for classes below.

Questions? Email us at eastsidesalsa1@gmail.com. 


Level 1 Salsa (SUNDAYS at 1:00 pm):  

This is a “true beginner” course. We teach it as though you’ve never danced a step. We teach basic technique, explore essential salsa dance “vocabulary,” and cultivate a fun, comfortable atmosphere.

One drop in class:  


++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Shoes: You should wear a shoe that fits snugly and holds the entire foot in place. Shoes should have a smooth sole that allows for easy rotation on a smooth floor. Rubber soled shoes with traction can stress the knees. You do not need to wear heels to dance salsa. If you prefer to wear heels and you are a beginner, we recommend a 1 or 2 inch heel.    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++